alurays lighting technology


alurays_ products are proudly produced in Munich/Germany under strict quality control including in-house light measuring lab, thermal and IP-protection grade measuring equipment. The standard warranty is two years, but may be prolonged to a five years warranty if our LED drivers and thermal controlling electronics is ordered and installed together with the profiles.

alurays_ designs, develops and produces long lasting maintenance-free linear LED based aluminum lighting products. Our aluminum profiles are thick-layer coated silver anodized. Depending the application you may use our LED boards either with IP20 and add our polycarbonate diffuser profiles or either the fully encapsulated version. alurays_ is offering water and dust proof LED Systems with protection grades from IP40 up to IP68 according to your requirements. alurays_ profiles are always manufactured just in time and exactly to the desired length. Any length from 10cm to 350cm with a precision of +/- 1mm is possible, longer lines are simply done using several profiles butt-jointed at its ends. Tool less rear snapped on assembly profiles help to keep the long LED lines straight and stow away the cabling.

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alurays_ lighting technology GmbH is our new company name. Our formerly company name has been Schattenplaner Produktions GmbH which had been a subsidiary of Schattenplaner Group, which is a well known lighting designers company in Munich/Germany. We had been exposed our products already during Light & Building tradeshow in Frankfurt in hall 4.1 in the year 2012. Our products are emerged in the lighting designers practice and are therefore tailored to the needs and demands of state of the art lighting design and technical requirements of professional international products. The water- and dust-proofed linear LED profiles had been developed and manufactured because there had been no similar products on the market which satisfied our own expectations regarding quality and long life endurance requirements.

alurays_ products are based on the latest LED encapsulation technology originated from practical needs and enabling incredible lighting effects. Our products are created by professionals for professionals. All products are hands craft and tailor-made which is unique in our industry.

Alurays_ new shareholders are since 1st of June 2013 is the Austrian company ART Lichttechnik GmbH which are in the professional manufacturing of luminaries since 2005 owing 50% of the shares and since summer 2015 Mr. Walter Ziegler formerly CEO of Tridonic (Zumtobel group) owing the second half of our shares.